Skeleton Watches

Chariot Exposed Gear Skeleton Watch

The Chariot Exposed Gear Skeleton Watch is a very premium looking exposed mechanical watch which is exceptionally well crafted and gives off a very high-end appeal. The watch is made of high-grade steel and comes in a very appealing gold colour. The exposed gears on this watch are very well detailed and its accents are second to none. Coming to its band, it is made of leather, making it much more durable and luxurious.

As such, if you are looking for an affordable high quality exposed gear skeleton Mens Watches then this watch from Chariot is a perfect choice.

Skeleton Watches

Breezer Skeleton Mechanical Watch

The Breezer Skeleton Mechanical Watch is a highly affordable timepiece, however, does not compromise on quality, style and function. It is made from high-quality steel making it very durable, giving it superb build quality. On the style front, the watch is gold in colour and combines with a brown leather belt making for a very stylish and dynamic looking mens watch. The central part of the watch houses the skeletal design, which acts as the highlight of the watch, giving it a luxury look.

All these combined features combined with the superb price tag makes this  Skeleton Watch one of the best Mens Watches under $100.