Men's Watches under $100

Men's Watches Under $100


Watches are a must have item for any man, and they are not merely for showing time but they make great style statements, adding class, flair and sophistication to a man. However, not all watches are created equal and the main differentiating factor with watches is their price. There are watches that cost over thousands of dollars whilst some cost only a few dollars. However, with that said there is a watch for everybody.

However, just because you can't afford an expensive watch, doesn't mean that you have to compromise on form, function and features. There are many affordable watches available which will still make great timepieces without sacrificing too much. 

Getting a good watch for under $100 might seem like an impossible task at hand, however, you'd be surprised to know that there are a lot of high-quality watches available under $100 price bracket. We have curated the Best Men's Watches under $100 based on their types and they are as follows.

Quartz Watches

 A Quartz Watch is a watch which works with the help of a battery and a quartz crystal. The battery sends electric signals to the quartz and in turn, the quartz vibrates, creating a signal which is then converted to a pulse each second. This pulse is what drives the movement of the watch hands.

Quartz Watches have gained popularity over the years because it is accurate, easy to use, low on maintenance, durable and much more affordable. As such Quartz Watches have become the watch of choice for regular users mainly owing to its accuracy and affordability.

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Sports Watches for Men

Sports watches are regarded as the most popular type of watch and they are also the most purchased watches in the world. Going with its name, Sports watches are watches that have been designed with sports in mind. They are designed to be simple, highly durable, functional, convenient and easy to maintain.

Because Sports watches carry many desirable traits, they are not only favoured by sports person but are also quite popular amongst people who are on the lookout for a no-nonsense, functional watch. 

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Exposed Gear Skeleton Watch

Exposed Gear Skeleton Watch just as the name suggests is a type of watch in which all the gears that operate the watch are exposed. With its exposed design wearers will be able to see all the gears working in real time thus giving the watch a unique look and feel.

Exposed mechanical watches are not merely for telling you the time, but exude quality, sophistication and attention to detail. Exposed Gear Skeleton Watch, thus carry the true meaning of form and function.

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Skeleton Mechanical Watch With Leather Belt

Skeleton Mechanical Watches are one of the most unique types of watch and they have the ability to stand out from the crowd. This is because a skeleton mechanical watch has an open construction design which exposes all of the mechanical and the working parts of the watch. 

As such if you happen to be someone who highly appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into making a watch, then the Skeleton Mechanical Watch is the right fit for you.

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