About Us

We know you are here to find new styles for your wardrobe. We appreciate you took the time to learn more about us. After about two decades of being a fashion model in both Europe and the US and participating in over a thousand runways, it became easy for me to separate a well-dressed model from the rest of the show. Adding to that, all the tricks and tips I picked up from many different designers and my son’s knowledge of website building, we decided to give it a shot and build an online store that will help men dress better.

We want to be a place you can simply go to and find modern styles that best fit your needs and schedule, realistically. The reason why we emphasize reality is because In today’s day and age, no one has time to change clothes twice or three times throughout the day for every single occasion. So if today you need to drop off the kids to school then go work an eight-hour shift, after which you have dinner with a client or an anniversary date with your better half, we want to have an answer to your question; “What to wear”?

"Clothes don’t make the man", yes but they can certainly help you make a better first impression, fit in better or even provide a talking point. Neither my son or I have intentions of being the only place you go to when your wardrobe needs an update we just want to be the best place for you. 

Welcome to Business Casual Men.